Landmark First Amendment lawsuit against President Trump will proceed

PEN America

Today a federal court ruled against President Trump in a lawsuit that claims he has used government power to retaliate against media coverage and reporters he dislikes in violation of the First Amendment. Specifically, the court denied a government motion to dismiss the case and will allow it to go forward on allegations that President Trump has retaliated against the White House press corps and certain holders of security clearances who work as media commentators based on their First Amendment-protected speech.


Literary group goes to court to stop Donald Trump from violating the First Amendment

The Hollywood Reporter

“The Pen America Center says Trump is using his power to unconstitutionally punish and intimidate The Washington Post, CNN, NBC, the White House press corps and others who cover his administration.”


Authors and organizations sign pledge to protect free speech under Trump

Huffington Post

Authors Sign Pledge To Protect Free Speech Under Trump

President-elect Trump has a concerning habit of suggesting limits to First Amendment rights.