Trump wants Jeff Sessions to investigate the anonymous New York Times op-ed


“President Donald Trump is reportedly interested in using the Department of Justice to find the identity of the anonymous person who wrote an explosive New York Times opinion piece alleging to be “Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration.””


Has Trump made it easier to spy on journalists?


Has Trump Made It Easier to Spy on Journalists? Lawsuit Demands Answers.

Free speech groups have sued to find out what tactics Trump’s Justice Department can use to investigate leaks and journalists.


Sessions warns of campuses sheltering ‘fragile egos’


As President Donald Trump doubled down against the NFL National Anthem protests, his attorney general will wade into a culture war of his own.


Trump administration threatens freedom of the press in new leaks crackdown


Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s announced on Friday that the Justice Department will review policies governing how the department deals with media outlets that publish leaked information.


Leak Investigations Triple Under Trump, Sessions Says

New York Times

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on Friday that the Justice Department is pursuing about three times as many leak investigations as were open at the end of the Obama era, a significant devotion of resources to hunt down disclosures that have plagued the Trump administration.